Committany Nation: Pitt Game Bringing 2019 Recruits To Happy Valley

TCU must face Oklahoma on the road less than a week before its showdown with Baylor in November.TCU must face Oklahoma on the road less than a week before its showdown with Baylor in November.Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Every college football schedule features both easy and tough games, but often the most troublesome ones fall somewhere in between.

These are known as trap games, matchups that gain their difficulty not so much from the opponent or locale but because of when they fall on the schedule. For instance, if a school is set to play two big home games against ranked teams in a three-week span, the road clash in between could spell doom if the opponent gets overlooked.

As much as schools work to prevent such games on their schedule, TV contracts and conference scheduling matrices sometimes lead to traps getting set. This year, we could see even more than normal, as the 2015 season is one week shorter than normal, and teams only have one bye week during the year.

Looking at the 2015 schedule for every power-conference team (and Notre Dame), here is a rundown of every team's most likely trap game. The one place we didn't look, though, is at the opening games. Despite a higher-than-normal occurrence of power-conference teams starting out on the road—15, to be exact—we're not considering the first game of the season to be a trap since it's a contest they'll have had all winter, spring and summer to prepare for.

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One Trap Game for Every Power 5 College Football Team in 2015
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