Play Online Or Download Fun Game Happy Wheels 1, 2 And 3, Get The App For IPhone

Image: Nintendocu

Mahir Sümer has an idea for anyone flashy about their game collections but bummed there aren’t many Nintendo Switch games to actually put on a shelf at the moment: make fake cases for the digital games you’ve picked up.

So he went and did just that, designing custom cases for a range of downloadable Switch games that can then slide into a bookcase and look for all the world like something you’d keep a tiny little cartridge in. Even though it is now holding the only thing tinier, which is nothing.

Image: Nintendocu

If you want to print them out and try this yourself (hint: try asking local game retailers for spare/empty cases that they use for preorder marketing), you can find the images below.

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Fake Boxes For Downloadable Nintendo Switch Games
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