Trapped Resident Rescued From Happy Valley Home Fire

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Trapped resident rescued from Happy Valley home fire

Clackamas County firefighters performed a dramatic rescue Wednesday morning of a resident trapped in a Happy Valley home fire.

Firefighters responding Wednesday at 3:46 a.m. to reports of a fire in the 9000 block of Top O 'Scott Steet were met by two people who had escaped the home but reported that a third was trapped on the second floor, according to a news release from Clackamas Fire District No. 1.  

The front door was engulfed in flames, so firefighters entered through a patio door and located the stairs leading to the upstairs bedrooms. Two firefighters went up the stairs while another two were forced to retreat from the flames. With the upstairs carpet melting under their boots, the two firefighters upstairs searched the bedrooms, located the trapped occupant in one of them, and shut the bedroom door behind them.

Recognizing it would not be possible to exit by the stairs, the firefighters broke out the bedroom window, and one of them used a "bail out" system to crawl out the window and hang below on a rope. The other firefighter then helped the occupant out the window and onto the hanging firefighter before deploying his own bail out system to escape as fire engulfed the bedroom.

A crew on the ground then raised a ladder and was able to bring both the occupants and the firefighters to safety.

The occupant was transported to hospital. Her condition is unknown. No firefighter injuries were reported, though the homeowners five family cats were later found dead amid extensive damage inside the home. The homeowner was initially awoken and altered to the fire by a smoke alarm. 

- Ted Sickinger

503-221-8505; @tedsickinger

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Trapped resident rescued from Happy Valley home fire
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